Avarice 1.7

Avarice provides a free IRC client that supports the XDCC protocol
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Avarice is an advanced application that provides an IRC client which supports the XDCC protocol. We can use this program to offer and to download all type of files worldwide with a size of up to 2GB per item. This program helps us to connect to multiple IRC servers (44 when I tried it) at a time. We can also view the name of the channels available and the number of connected users to each channel, so that we can decide if it worth joining to a given channel or not. After connecting to a channel, we have the possibility of viewing the whole list of files (and their sizes) that is on offer for downloading. Additionally, we can search for anything we would like to have. There are some popular movies, music, TV series, games, porno films, and all sort of stuff, including viruses.
I must point out that there is a high percentage of files with authors' rights. The user interface is very practical. This application features a huge number of interface skins, that probably cater for all tastes.
This program is completely free; and best of all, it does not display any ads. We can find how to run this program at the developer's website. There is an online forum where it is possible to report bugs and get help. We can also suggest new features for future versions.

Review summary


  • Free
  • Uninstall option
  • Straightforward GUI
  • Many skins available
  • File size of up to 2GB


  • My searches did not provide any positive results
  • I had to disable my antivirus program and firewall for the program to work
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